Bonsai by Fasetto Eliminates Business’ Paper Waste, Keeps Files Digital

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SUPERIOR, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fasetto, the anytime, anywhere cloud storage, sharing and messaging platform, today announced the launch of Bonsai, a paperless printer for businesses to handle all paperwork digitally, including receipts, invoices and other important documents. Bonsai saves paper files directly to Fasetto on any device or operating system without the need to print, letting businesses and consumers alike develop greener organizational habits.

Bonsai extends Fasetto’s feature set, creating an even more comprehensive platform. Fasetto provides a single platform that allows users to store, manage and directly share any type of content between any device or platform, in the cloud and offline. It’s the only application with direct communication capabilities built into cloud storage, providing a seamless experience for users all in one holistic app.

Businesses of all shapes and sizes can download Bonsai directly to their point-of-sale (POS) terminal or other printing system. By scanning a QR code from the Fasetto app on the consumer’s phone during the transaction, digital receipts are automatically saved to the consumer’s Fasetto account. There is no need to enter a consumer e-mail address to the POS terminal, preventing the typos or spelling errors that can occur when information is manually inputted on traditional systems.

With Bonsai, paperwork is completely virtual. Both businesses and consumers can automatically collect all paper documents in Fasetto’s cloud storage and organize them into customizable folders. Documents can easily be shared from Fasetto – for instance, with doctors, accountants, family members and business partners – via Fasetto’s messaging function or invitations for folder access.

“There is a serious problem with the way that paperwork is handled today – not only does it cost businesses in terms of paper, ink, toner and physical infrastructure, there’s also a significant environmental cost,” said Coy Christmas, CEO at Fasetto. “Bonsai introduces a truly paperless lifestyle, encouraging both businesses and consumers to reduce their paper waste. With Bonsai, Fasetto has created a technology that fits with today’s mobile-centric world, but which also makes it a greener one.”

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About Fasetto

Fasetto is an all-in-one cloud storage, content sharing and cross-platform messaging solution that allows users to quickly send files of any size conveniently and securely – in the cloud or off-line. It provides a single platform that allows users to store, manage and directly share any type of content between any device or platform in both on- and off-line environments. Off-line, the solution uses its custom ARCH Transportation layer to send directly device to device, so users can always share and communicate whether a wireless network is available or not. For more information, visit

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