Fasetto for Android Breaks File Sharing and Communication Barriers; Empowers User to Control Content

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All-in-One Cloud Storage, Content Sharing and Cross-Platform Messaging Solution Sends Files of Any Size Quickly, Securely and Conveniently

April 21, 2015 09:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

SUPERIOR, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fasetto, the anytime, anywhere cloud storage, sharing and messaging program, today announced the latest release of its Android app, providing users with an all-in-one solution for fast and secure content sharing and messaging online or offline. As the only application with direct communication capabilities built into cloud storage, Fasetto provides a seamless experience where users have full control over how they store, share and discuss their content, all in one holistic app. Fasetto’s proprietary peer-to-peer ARCH Transportation Layer enables content sharing across any device completely offline without using an Internet or data connection.

“There are significant limitations with current applications designed to facilitate simple and fast communication, and that’s before considering the difficulties people face with inconsistent wireless networks”

Despite an abundant number of cloud storage and file sharing services on the market, there are still significant limitations, including speed, cross-platform use and security. Fasetto mitigates these challenges by giving users complete control and centralizing access over all files, photos, music and videos from any of their individual devices anytime, anywhere. Fasetto’s Live API enables almost instantaneous content sharing online between devices, and because a user is accessing the files within Fasetto, not downloading them from a third-party link, content is completely protected. Users control their content even further with the ability to edit and delete their own content from all of the devices on which the content was accessed, including the recipient’s. Finally, by utilizing the auto-uploader in Fasetto, users’ photos and videos are immediately backed-up and stored, eliminating concerns over lost or stolen mobile devices.

Fasetto is also empowering users by freeing them from the restrictions of wireless networks. With its ARCH Transportation Layer, Fasetto enables the quick transfer of any file size and format to another user when a wireless network is unavailable. This overcomes the common challenges of slow Internet speeds and inconsistent device signals without wasting a user’s data plan. Users on Android devices have the first opportunity to use Fasetto’s direct sharing capabilities, currently in beta, providing the fastest and most convenient way to share and manage any content.

“There are significant limitations with current applications designed to facilitate simple and fast communication, and that’s before considering the difficulties people face with inconsistent wireless networks,” said Coy Christmas, Co-Founder and CEO of Fasetto. “Fasetto was created to break down the barriers of communication that we experience too often today. It combines the best features of a wide variety of applications that people are accustomed to using – such as file sharing and direct messaging – all into one platform. It enables users to seamlessly go about their life without thinking about where they are, what device they’re using or even if they’re connected to WiFi. With Fasetto, the control of content and cloud storage is squarely in the user’s hands.”

To download Fasetto for Android, visit the Google play store:

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Fasetto is an all-in-one cloud storage, content sharing and cross-platform messaging solution that allows users to quickly send files of any size conveniently and securely – on- or off-line. It provides a single platform that allows users to store, manage and directly share any type of content between any device or platform in both on- and off-line environments. Off-line, the solution uses its custom ARCH Transportation layer to send directly device to device, so users can always share and communicate whether a wireless network is available or not. For more information, visit



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