Link by Fasetto Eliminates Need for SD Cards, Revolutionizing the Way Digital Content is Stored and Shared

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SUPERIOR, Wis.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Fasetto, a cloud storage, file sharing and messaging provider that develops connectivity through its powerful hardware and software solutions, today announced an enhanced version of its Link device, a wireless Solid State Drive (SSD) with its own operating system and offline streaming capabilities. Link takes the content sharing market by storm, eliminating the need for an SD card when transferring any type of content – including large photos and videos – between devices. The latest version of Link, which will be on display at CES 2016 in Las Vegas, Nevada, improves the overall user experience, featuring an improved look and feel, doubled storage capacity, and the ability to safeguard user content while making it more accessible than ever before.

Link allows users to store and access their created and purchased content, whether it’s their backed up photos, personal home videos, a favorite TV series or movie, important work documents or a collection of music. Content can be transferred to and from Link regardless of the user’s device or platform, or their level of connectivity. It is highly portable, allowing users to keep their content with them at all times on a hyper-secure SSD, with the option of also backing it up in the cloud.

Link’s new design eliminates the need for an SD card when users are transferring data to and from the device, simplifying the file transfer process by removing an extra piece of equipment and an extra step when users upload or access content. Instead, data is transferred via Fasetto’s proprietary ARCH transport layer, which allows all devices to send content seamlessly through the native app or the device’s web browser. With ARCH, users can transfer all types of content even without connecting to a wireless network or requiring mobile data, as it sends data between the Wi-Fi chip in a camera, for instance, and the Wi-Fi chip inside Link.

“Our digital content means everything to us – it’s our memories, our keepsakes and entertainment. We want to revolutionize the way it's accessed and experienced," said Coy Christmas, co-founder and CEO at Fasetto. "It starts with removing the barriers: wireless-dependence, SD cards, storage limits and platform restrictions. And with that, we're making sure that all the content people capture and create is right there at their fingertips, accessible in an instant no matter where they are or what they're doing."

Users can connect Link to up to 20 devices, and stream content to and from up to seven devices simultaneously, regardless of platform. Files are transferred at high speed, up to 1900 Mbps, or the equivalent of a full high-definition video, in under a minute.

The new iteration of Link features a refreshed design that is both sleek and durable, with a weatherproof and impact-resistant case made of military grade ABS plastic and framed by metal. At just 48 millimeters long, 48 millimeters wide and 23 millimeters thick, Link is also UV resistant, allergen-free and waterproof up to 45 feet.

Link’s capacity to safeguard user content goes beyond incredibly durable casing. Using custom developed reform security software, in addition to user permissions and multiple layers of hardware and software encryption, Link gives users full confidence in safeguarding their content. It provides users with one central storage location, so content isn’t spread over several devices and users can maintain complete control.

Link is due to be commercially available in Q4 of 2016. For more information, please visit

Fasetto will be demonstrating Link at the 2016 International CES, January 6-9 in the Las Vegas Convention Centre at stand 14448.

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