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By Alysha Schertz, Martin Hintz, BizTimes Milwaukee

Seamless file-sharing technology rocks the industry

Today’s technology is one of immediacy. Mobile computing has become second nature for almost everybody in the world – but file sharing, in most cases, remains in the past, stuck, irrelevant and hindered by access, connection speeds and compatibility issues.

Superior-based Fasetto, LLC has a solution.

Fasetto provides users the ability to store and quickly share files on multiple devices with or without an Internet connection. The technology uses a proprietary transportation layer that allows all types of devices, regardless of operating system, to communicate on a basic level.

“Our philosophy is to keep it simple in both software and hardware solutions,” said Coy Christmas, founder and chief executive officer of Fasetto. “That’s the point of technology – to simplify and to make your life easier. Everything we do operates from that premise. Innately, our technology is easy to use.”

Christmas and his business partner, Luke Malpass, started the company in 2013, using a KickStarter campaign. What was initially funding for just a small piece of Fasetto has emerged into a promising hardware and software business that has grown its offerings and product lines significantly in three years, Christmas said. 

Christmas and Malpass came up with the idea while designing education software. They needed a place to store and share files, so they built what they needed. 

The pair also built in a messaging and communication component, the first of its kind, so users could communicate with each other within Fasetto.

Today, in addition to Fasetto, the company offers Bonsai, a proprietary printer driver that allows users to save and share paper receipts, documents and invoices directly and digitally via a Fasetto folder, and also recently launched Link, a wireless solid-state drive with its own operating system and offline streaming capabilities. The latest version, unveiled at the Consumer Electronic Show in January, will be available to the market in the fall of 2016.

According to Christmas, Link allows users to store and access their created and purchased content from any device, without the use of an SD card.

“The new design eliminates the need for an SD card when users are transferring data to and from any device,” Christmas said. “It simplifies the process by removing an extra piece of equipment and instead uses our transport layer to seamlessly and quickly upload or access content.”

Link allows users to connect up to 20 devices and stream content to and from up to seven devices simultaneously, regardless of platform, Christmas said. The device is constructed of military grade ABS plastic, framed by metal, and is virtually indestructible.

“It's even waterproof up to 45 feet,” Christmas said. “Our digital content is important to us. We want users to feel like their content is safe, and will be accessible for years to come.”

Fasetto currently employs five people in Superior, in addition to Christmas, with plans to hire several more employees in the first half of 2016. Malpass is located in the United Kingdom, and the company also employs other developers in different parts of the country. 

This article was originally published by BizTimes Milwaukee

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